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Ancre 1

LA COMMUNE DE PARIS (March 18-May 28, 1871) conceived in 72 days a project for society which, although cobbled together on the spot and prematurely interrupted, was remarkably intelligent: labor law, workers' and social self-management, gender and wage equality, participation in political, social and economic life for women, free, secular and compulsory education, comprehensive and vocational education for boys and girls, justice, control and revocability of elected representatives, recognition of the right to culture as a human right, autonomy of the arrondissements, libertarian spirit of neighborhood life. ..

The Commune's projects, realized and unrealized, its inventions and the heir projects extrapolated from them, are the subject of a future interactive 3D platform. This site is the STORY-BOARD for this project, based on screenshots of 3D files. Le Luxe Communal will continue its evolution towards virtual reality via oculus glasses.

The site is not set up for cell phones
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